About Diane & Steve!

It’s Booyah Licious!!! Sweet Hot Relishes by Crooked Pepper Fusions



When I met Steve, we were amazed at how similar we were-- almost from birth (well, from around 12 years old, anyway). An inventor and creator, I quickly realized that not only were we a match but when together, our ideas and interests were boundless.  He lends spice to my life and hence our brainchild.


We both have very inventive minds and a huge sense of curiosity for how things are “made”. One of Steve’s first inventions was a Walk Man. He combined a small radio with a headset from his parents’ stereo and carried it to school with him. And that was before the Walk Man became a household item. Wouldn’t you know, when I was in 3rd grade I was intrigued by a portable radio that worked by attaching alligator clips to the schoolyard fence or pipes in the boiler room that led to my father’s invention workshop.


Steve shaped Elton John glasses from wire clothes hangers and home made plastic lenses and I fashioned colored electrical scrap wire into spiral finger rings. Fun times were had when our friends were in awe of our creations and everyone “wanted one”.  I baked cream puffs and sold them to neighbors and of course we both had a “lemonade stand”. The entrepreneurial spirit flowed.


Steve went on to design and repair the most sophisticated food manufacturing equipment and also constructed the MGM fire-breathing dragon! I worked 27 years for the Department of Defense, retiring as a Strategic Planner. Inventors and creators. What a match! Steve and I had our second date on Valentines Day  2007, (that was brave of him, don’t you think).


Then, while enjoying dinner at our friend’s house, we discovered a flavor that seemed to be perfect for the insatiable epicurean market. It came in one of those nostalgic jars with the two-piece lid that brings thoughts of Momma in an apron, hair in a bun, chopping, dicing, cutting the latest harvest from the garden, pots steaming on the stove. Where can we buy this? Wouldn’t everyone want this? Why don’t we “make” it?


It was so exciting to see how our new product would be made at the packing facility and for Steve to envision a factory of his own. Developing the label demanded every bit of Diane’s artistic abilities and was brought to life by a friend who is a graphic artist. We learned about rules and regulations, how to go from kitchen to market and what the savvy consumer is looking for in terms of their unique dietary and environmental concerns. We have also learned just how much everyone loves It’s Booyah Licious!


We are looking forward to leaving a legacy for our children along with the lessons we have learned on this journey, about people, about caring, about innovation and timeless principles, and about giving back. We support the efforts of the Children’s Miracle Network and our local community. We don’t know what the future brings, but two things we do know for sure. Along the way I met Steve, the most interesting man in the world and we know that everyone who has tried and shared It’s Booyah Licious! has enjoyed themselves. And, of course, they all shout “Booyah Licious!”.


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